Friday, August 18, 2006


Well I certainly was thinking of a salt box for the second seat cover, but when I sat down to draw it, after looking at several photos, other rugs, etc., it wanted to be this. I have great faith in going with what ever seems to be floating to the top of the creative process, so it's a boat pulled up in the grass. The whole thing was inspired by a photo I saw on the internet, taken by a man from Newfoundland named John Jerret. I also think that whatever I'm listening to at the moment plays some part in what ever I create, and in this case it was a Scottish band called Capercaillie, and some of their music is sad, which maybe had a part to play in the pulled up/ abandoned boat theme. Music and creativity is something I want to think about in depth one of these days, but not now. Unfortunatly, I have to go to work today and so I am going to hook for an hour before I do. When I pulled the greens out for the ground I wasn't sure how they would work out, but I think it will be ok. The photo I took really shows the hoop marks, sorry about that.


Siobhan said...

I think it's going to be awesome! Those greens wouldn't normally make me think of newfoundland, but i think you've used them very well. You're so good at rug hooking! ;)

Isn't john jerret the guy who has that huge photo gallery online? You should link to it.

I like what you were saying about inspiration and music, but in my case i think just having music is my inspiration. I just need something that when i need a break i can sit back and sing or listen to for a minute, then it can go back to being the background that's like a support.

Melissa said...

That's going to be so beautiful that no one will want to sit on it!