Monday, August 21, 2006

Warren Dunes

I had a few things on E-bay and came home to find I had sold 2 of them. Very nice, I think I may list a couple more things today.
Well, we had a nice day at the beach. The weather couldn't have been better, it was in the upper 70's and sunny. It was really windy though, especially early on; I can only remember the waves being that high once before. It was a lot of fun just jumping in the waves. I was sitting on the very edge, and some of the waves were so big they splashed me in the face. Chris played guitar instead of getting wet, and he found the perfect place to do it! On the way out we stopped at the farmers market and bought pears and corn, and a couple of peaches for Chris and Siobhan to eat in the car. I crocheted a baby hat and will post the pictures later, I have to take pics of Siobhan's hats too.

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