Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Natural Dyeing

I've been doing a little research, and I think I am ready to do some dyeing with natural materials. The three that will be easiest are goldenrod, which should give yellow to gold shades, sumac which I can use for red, and Queen Anne's Lace, which is supposed to give green. All three of these are growing in the field behind our house. I've wanted to experiment with natural dyeing for awhile now, so it should be fun. I'm off all weekend so if I can get Siobhan to go for a walk I will see about gathering both goldenrod and sumac and try some dyeing then.According to what I've been reading, I need a fair amount of plant matter, for the goldenrod the directions call for a peck. However, I think that's for a fair amount of fabric, and I really only need to dye a quarter yard or so.Maybe I can dye enough colors of wool that one of the chair pads can be all or mostly all hooked from natural dyed wool. I have to see what the resulting colors look like, they may not be as bright as the colors from chemical dyes.Whatever, it should be a lot of fun.
On another note, we are planning a fishing trip for the 15th-17th of this month. John, Chris and I are going to Lake Shelbyville. It was so hot on our last trip, and fishing was so bad, that I'm really looking forward to this one. If the weather stays in the mid 70's like it has been lately it should be a nice trip. We haven't fished much this last month, we've only gone out once I think, but with cooler weather the fishing should be a lot better. Maybe we'll get out this weekend for a bit.
I am sewing for E-bay today, a backpack with an applique pocket. I might post a picture if it turns out nice. Since it's not patchwork maybe I can get it done in time to do a bit more hooking on the chair pad before work.

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