Saturday, August 19, 2006

I got quite a bit done today on the chair pad, Chris is here and it's nice to sit outside and hook while he plays guitar. Some of the nicest moments I have are just listening to Chris, he plays stuff I know, like the Dead and the Black Crowes and the Allman Bros., and then he plays some pretty amazing stuff that he writes himself. I have terribly talented children, it always amazes me how much they all can do.
We stopped at Salvation Army again, and I scored another really nice bag 0f $1.50 fabric. There were 3 pieces of white wool totalling 3 and 1/2 yds, plus several yds of muslin. I have a rule to NEVER turn down white or cream wool, and so I had to buy it. I came home and tried to dye some wool in 5 graduated shades of grey, the shading worked fine, but the dye is pretty old and I got shades of purple instead. I have a set of swatches in a bluish grey I dyed last year, I think they'll work instead, but I need to order the grey dye for the fish chair pad.
We are going to Michigan Dunes tomorrow for the day, so I'll bring the scarf I'm working on and maybe finish it.

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