Friday, August 25, 2006

Shawls and Hobby Lobby

My first post, how exciting ;)
I've put away baby hats for shawls. I feel kind of guilty, but I've made ten or twelve, as well as a hat that turned out too big and is destined for the homeless shelter. I did finish anohter shawl last night, and started mom's. I can't find a link to the yarn I'm using, but it's a yarn bee and it's only five bucks a ball. I hope i can make some money from this, it's very fun, very easy and *very* fast. It's also very cheap since it only takes one skein and one fourty percent off coupon ;) At my hobby lobby we are regular customers and so know the woman who takes care of the yarn. I'm one of those people who just doens't have enough money to be picky, so i've gotten varios deals from her on dirty or tangled yarn in the past. She has a basket of tangled from over the past year at least that I stumbled upon yesterday and told her I'd buy if she packages it for a good deal. I also am making a double big shawl for mom, so i need to get over there to get anohter ball. It's one coupon per person per day, so...;)


Melissa said...

Siobhan--You know you can post from inside your own profile so it signs your name instead of Paula. Just log into Blogger.

Paula said...

Oh, I thought I did :(