Sunday, July 13, 2008

Further Musical YouTube Wanderings

I am just amazed at the number of young people who seem to be into traditional music! It's a great thing to know that the music is being kept alive for another generation. I remember when I first became excited about Celtic music, I was a young woman, 22 or 23 and was on my first trip to Newfoundland as an adult. Even now, a visit to Newfoundland means hearing traditional music, but in the very early 80's it was something very new to hear it being played all over, not just as part of a movie or historical re-enactment. I didn't know it then, but that was the early days of the Celtic music revival. As part of that revival I brought home an album of recordings done by 2 families who performed at the Conception Bay Folk Music Festival. The album is long gone, lost in a flood in the basement and thrown out by mistake, but I still remember the tunes, my 3 favorites being Si Bheag Si Mhor, Rocks of Marasheen and a little ditty called Give Me a Match to Light My Pipe and I'll Be Off to Ryans Cove that my kids made up words to. I have been a dedicated fan of the traditional music scene ever since, but it's really exciting to see something like this video, 2 young brothers playing 2 reels together, Rainy Day and the Ale is Dear. PJ known as TinWhistler is pretty amazing! Reminds me of Flook a bit, another of my favorite Celtic bands. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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