Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wonky House Rug

Well, I started the wonky house rug from Deanne Fitzpatricks book. I actually took a picture of the pattern in the book and then enlarged it to just over 10 inches on my computer using Fireworks. I did a mirror image so the house faces the other direction.I don't think there's any definition in the roof tiles, I hooked black lines in and I was going to take out the plaid I was using for the actual tile parts out and do something else but I was over at mom's with Carla and she said it was very subtle and I should leave it. So I am at least for now. The house itself will be red. I am following Deannes coloring to some extent because it looks really good, and it goes well with the night sky.However I don't have the same colors she does and I don't want to dye anything for this piece unless it is sky. A picture of her finished piece is in the last picture. I can hook land and sea, and my hill will be in greens, but darker than hers because that's what I have and because I want it to look darker because it's night.
Mom was pretty excited about making this little mat, and looking at the books I had with me. She said she thought she could probably still make one, and since there is only one stitch which is "Pull up a loop" I think she's right. She told me (again, although I like to hear it) about how the mat frame would be set up in one corner of the kitchen when she was a little girl, and how Nan would be working on her mat while my grandfather would be working making and repairing fishing nets. Mom used to help her dad with the nets sometimes. She also talked about how some one would just drop in and pull up a few loops. There would be tea and always something sweet. Anyway, I think I am going to draw up just a little something; maybe a rose and leaves on a 10 inch circle or square, cut up some wool for her, buy her a hook and let her go to town. It will give her something to do in the evenings and who knows? She may enjoy it enough to want to do more.


Melissa said...

I agree with Carla about leaving the plaid wool for the tiles. The mottled look goes well there. This is going to be gorgeous!

Paula said...

Did you read after I edited about grandma? She really sounded like she's like to try rug hooking again after so many years.

Melissa said...

That's a great idea! Just try to find her a hook with an ergonomic handle. She stopped knitting because it hurt her hands to hold the needles.