Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Second Biggest Fish and Zuchinni

John and I went fishing last night and he caught a 19 inch bass in almost the same spot that he caught the other big one in. I forgot to bring the camera so we didn't get a picture. He caught this one on a plastic worm, too, a burgundy one. I'm going to start using plastic worms; I want to catch a really big fish too!

I found this zuchinni hiding under some leaves and growing in the grass; I've been picking them at 6 or 7 inches so they are nice and tender; this one is over 12 inches. Irene cut the end off and it doesn't look woody so we are going to eat it. We've been eating fresh green beans, and I think the tomatoes will start ripening soon. The cabbage is almost ready; the broccoli kind of got taken over by the zuchinni so I don't think I'll get any. The pumpkins are getting flowers on them and I'm finally getting to eat some of the strawberries.

I am almost done hooking the wonky house mat; I might finish it tomorrow and if I do I'll post a pic. The sky is not quite what I had in mind, but that's ok; I'll just try again on another piece.

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