Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pineapple Scarf

I crocheted this pretty pineapple patterned scarf using Lion Fisherman Wool. I got the pattern here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Elegantps However, I changed it a bit. I crocheted it in two halves so I could turn one half around and have the pineapples running the same way up either end. I crocheted the halves together in the middle.The pattern said to repeat the motif 11 times for a total of 12 motifs; I have 7 motifs in each half, for a total of 14 motifs. I also single crocheted up both long edges, and across the bottom of the edge that I ended at (if that makes any sense.) Then I added a fringe. I think it's really nice and it may end up as a Christmas present for someone. I ordered enough yarn from Elann to crochet another one, too.

Sio brought some of her yarn stash over from Chris'; she's throwing so much that she doesn't knit much anymore. She told me I could have whatever I want from it and then she might sell some on Etsy or store it in the attic. She had a ball that she had taken several different strands and put them together and made one huge ball, like in the 4th picture. I took them apart and am adding some leftover brown wool and am going to knit a random stripe scarf. It will just be stockinette stitch but the colors are so nice together, Sio has a really good eye for color.

I also finished another discloth and am almost done with one more.

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