Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Gumdrops!

I took a little time out of the present sewing and made this pillow top. It's called Gumdrop and is from Sunday Morning Quilts. I thought if it was made up as a pillow top made in green and red on white it could be Christmas Gumdrops. I haven't got the backing on yet, I need to finish the last tote bag I'm working on first. I really like the red and green, and I see a matching quilt sometime before next Christmas. It's nice in that it can be a complete scrap project, even the strips that the gumdrops are fused to are scrap white on white fabrics.

I've also been making pet presents. There are two bunny blankets (who knew Sunny Bunny was a Cubs fan!), and then two guinea pig snuggle sacks. I let Mikey crawl into the aqua and white one just to see if she'd like it and she did not want to come out. Every time I reached in to get her she thought she was going to get scratches and started making the special purr noise that guinea pigs make when they are really contented. I finally made her come out and told her she had to wait for Christmas.

As soon as I finish the tote bag I am done with Christmas presents. Yippee!

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