Saturday, December 06, 2014

Late post on Friday Finish

I finished this little bath mat yesterday evening. I was going to post a picture last night, but I went to bed early. Anyway, when I reorganized my fabric stash after we moved in here, I took some advice I had read about cutting off selvages before putting fabric away. I had them all stored in a fabric basket, and had thought about crocheting a rug with them, but I've seen so many little knitted mats around the internet, plus my daughter has knitted a few herself, so I decided to go with knitting. I cast on 25 stitches using size 17 needles. It's really hard on the hands, but I knitted a few rows, then stopped and did something else. It was really only a couple of hours total to knit.  Sorry about the bit of mud in the upper left hand corner. I had been outside looking for a place for a picture and didn't realize I had tracked in the mud til after the picture. It's also a bit skewed, but I'm not blocking it, it will get wet soon enough on the bathroom floor!                                                                                     
I also got a couple more scrapapalooza blocks done. I have 5 rows sewn together and 2 blocks on the next row. 10 more blocks and the top will be finished!

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