Sunday, December 21, 2014

Not Quite Sunday Stash

I'm getting fabric for Christmas. I know I am because I asked for it and I was told that it had been bought already. So I'm not buying any fabric til after Christmas because who knows, I might need to buy some fabric to go with the fabric I am getting for Christmas. My younger daughter was in charge of fabric shopping and she has very good taste when it comes to buying fabric for me, so I know I'm going to like whatever it is she buys. So in lieu of stashing any more fabric, there is this. A rather blurry picture of the container that sits beside the machine to collect scraps in:

And this picture of some pink fabrics that need to be put away.

I'm sewing pet presents today, I made a cuddle sack for Ms. Mikey the guinea pig, and a fleece blanket for my daughters rabbit, Sunny who is 13 years old and a bit arthritic. She's still active, but has slowed down a bit and prefers soft places to sit. I am going to make one more cuddle sack and maybe another blanket before I post pictures. 

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