Friday, December 19, 2014

Lots of Presents!

I got a lot done this week; maybe I actually will be able to enjoy all of Christmas Eve without crazily trying to finish something up! It helps that some of the stuff had to be finished by tomorrow evening, but I got all the New York sewing done with time to spare. I still have some shopping to do tomorrow morning though.

I got zipper pouches done for all the ladies.

Then I finally finished this Christmas runner for Melissa and Nikki. This was a wip from last year. The fabric on the back is some vintage fabric I picked up at the local thrift store.

I also made them dish towels with patchwork trim because you can never have too many!

Another tote for the sweet Siobhan.

And last I finished the fingerless gloves. I like this as yarn so much more than I did as roving, and the mitts turned out very nice. One of the girls will get these, probably Siobhan because she liked the yarn so much.

I still have one more tote, a zipper pouch and a damn it doll to make before Wednesday and I'd like to make a couple small fleece blankets for Sunny Bunny and Ms Mikey the guinea pig. I think I'm doing pretty well keeping it all under control. I'll be linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts

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