Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This and That

I got inspired last night after dinner and sorted through my red and black scraps to make a throw quilt for the futon. The futon is black, and I made a couple of red and cream throw pillows for it last year. Anyway, I wanted a simple pattern so I decided on this:

However, I'm not sure now. I think it might be too busy. I'm going to leave those 4 blocks out for a bit and think about it. In the meantime I have been making hexagons for another possible quilt. I have been making them now and then for a while now. There are 140  here in these 4 piles and I figure I'm going to need around 250 or so. 

Last, here's a picture of my little guinea pig, Mikey, peeking out of one of the cuddle sacks I made her for Christmas. She loves these things, I should have made her some before.

She's such a sweetie!

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