Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fabric for Christmas and Some Sunday Sewing

I knew I was getting fabric for Christmas, and I am happy with it all! I love getting fabric! It all came from Jo Ann, but it's all nice.I really like these 5 pieces. All the larger prints are a third of a yard, the two other prints are quarters.

Then there are these four pieces. The two on the left are a third of a yard, and the other 2 are quarters. I really like the bottom left print. I might go back to Jo Ann and get some more. I'd like to make a new knitting project bag with a roll to hold the dpn's I use the most and a little zipper pouch for knitting notions.

And last there are these two. My daughter really liked the blue one so she got half a yard of that, and a quarter on the green.

Don't they all look nice all piled up!

My husband had to work today, which is unusual but they are really busy and the days off for Christmas and Christmas Eve put them behind. So I got to stay in my jammies this morning and sew. I didn't cut into the new stash, but I did make this cute little snack mat. I've seen a few of them for Christmas gifts on blogs so I had to jump in and make one too. I'm not used to working with pieces this small, but I think it turned out ok. I have a lot of scraps that are 30's reproductions, so that's what I used. It looks nice with one of my vintage tea cups.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

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