Monday, March 05, 2007

Custom Orders and Carbon Leaf

I've been working on an order that I got from someone who saw my elephant bag on E-bay. She's also interested in a skirt in my Etsy store, so it will be a nice sale for me. I realized that I don't have anymore of the gold bells I used on the other elephant bag, so it will mean a trip to Hobby Lobby which is always fun.
Today is the 4th, and in 12 days I will be at the Riviera seeing Great Big Sea with Chris and Sio. They always put on a great show, and I look forward to seeing them so much. They are the ultimate having a good time family band. The first time I saw them though, I saw them with a band from Va. called Carbon Leaf. While Carbon Leaf definitely can hold their own when it comes to the traditional Celtic sound, where I think they really shine is in their own music. Unlike GBS, who, when it comes to their own songs, belong solidly in the category of pop music, Carbon Leaf stays much more in the folk realm, although not at all in the traditional Celtic sense, much more in their own southern mountain music way. While I think GBS will be remembered for the wonderful way they take traditional music and put a modern spin on it, Carbon Leaf should be recognized and remembered for the lyrical and very often introspective original songs they've written. One Prairie Outpost, The Boxer, Toy Soldiers, and Shine are just a few that come to mind. For me they are just the perfect level of in-between traditional music and more electric modern music. It's hard to jump from Foo Fighters or Flyleaf to Capercaillie or the Irish Descendants or Gaelic Storm or even GBS. Carbon Leaf is a nice transition, and they have a lot of talent and a lot to say.

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David said...

Have you heard any of Carbon Leaf's more recent stuff? It's extremely good.