Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spinning Wheel

I mentioned to a friend at work yesterday that I was thinking about buying a spinning wheel. She asked if I didn't want hers! I knew she had one that had belonged to her mom who passed away a couple of years ago, but I was floored that she wanted me to have it, sort of on permanant loan. It needs a good place to call home and get used, so that is really nice of her to offer it to me. I want to learn to spin, and then I could weave what I've spun. It would be really great.
I looked through all my corduroy this morning to find something that would go with the embroidered butterfly, and of course I had nothing.I had to go to the grocery store to get a couple of things and since I was passing by I went into Salvation Army, but there was nothing there either, so I guess maybe I'll just put it away again for now. I did get a pretty cool Indian or Pakistani embroidered piece that cost $1.50. It's recent, it has the mylar in the shisha instead of real mirrors, but that's ok, I'm thinking of maybe using it for the front panel of a skirt, and the mirrors would make it hard to care for. It's such a nice day that I'm ok with not finding the cord, it's supposed to rain later so this is an excuse for me to sit outside and do a couple more Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks.

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