Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vintage fabric and GBS II

I bid on and won this pretty vintage paisley on E-bay. I'm going to take it downstairs and maybe combine it with a tone ontone yellow I have and a navy blue. I don't know if it's going to be a skirt and top set or a dress. With it being 2 1/2 yds, there's enough to combine with denim and make a quilt if I wanted to.
After sleeping on it, I'd have to say that last night's show was the best I've seen so far. The boys were really just pumped, there was so much energy. There was a setlist published on the OKP, so I'll just copy it here:

tshialuk girls(Bob whistle intro)
billy peddle
donkey riding
when i'm up
jack hinks
walk on the moon(new)
paddy murphy
no cares (living room version again)
charlie horse
Scolding Wife
How Did
capt kidd
jackey's gin
(added impromtu) general taylor
black rum

ordinary day
(nameless new song tentatively called 1 2 3 4)
shines right through
Helmethead w/a nice little comment about chi-town hockey
runaway..with a GREAT sing-a-long before
( sing a long list: I Fought the Law and the Law Won
Summer Nights (yes from Grease!!!)
Summer of '69
and then... because we were so insanely playing right with them... Bohemian Rhapsody!!!)
Clearest Indication
con free
encore 1 was bad as i am, excursion and fortune
encore 2 Straight to Hell (GREAT NEW SONG.)

I especially liked the Tshialuk/Billy Peddle opening sequence, it's really good, and from that moment on it was pretty plain we were going to be in for a great show. The sing-a-long was great too, the audience was so into Bohemian Rhapsody, Sean remarked that they never expected the audience to just go with that and sing it all. I always enjoy Helmethead, when we saw them last year you could tell Bob was a bit tired, but not this time. There was a moment when the audience sang Happy Birthday to the band when Alan noted that they were 14 years old earlier in the week. The encores were great, Excursion/Fortune is always one of my favorites, and as Chris remarked, they "tore up MariMac". There were so many high points, it was like the show was just one long high point! Chris was impressed enough to say he'll go with us again when they come. He said he doesn't like a lot of thier original stuff, but the traditional was really good. I have to say that I like both. We met a grandmother, mom and daughter there, the grandmother was from near Placentia. We talked to them for a bit and Sio gave the daughter her e-mail address, she had remembered her camera and was taking pics. She said she would send some to Sio if they were any good. It really was a great show, I wish I was going to be in Minn. tonight for the real St. Pats day celebration!

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