Thursday, March 29, 2007

Siobhan's quilt

I got the quilts back from the quilt show and I pin basted Sio's quilt yesterday and this morning. If she and Chris are really planning on getting an apt. as soon as they can, then she should have her quilt, and I figure it will take quite awhile to hand quilt it.

Carla had a great idea she read somewhere; she said if every one would just buy organic the vegetable they eat the most, that would make a big difference. I think she's right, and we eat potatoes the most, so I bought organic ones yesterday. I'm also going to buy organic juice; I do sometimes anyway, but sometimes the sale on Ocean Spray or Langers is just such a good deal I can't pass it up. Since I don't drink much pop anymore, I drink a lot more juice and water so the juice will make a difference. Plus the more people ask for organic, the cheaper it will get. I'm also still thinking about that garden; Lombard would be closer to here so I might use Chris and Rich's address, but I'm also thinking about just having one at Irene's. Since this will be my first garden I don't want it too big, anyway; it would be overwhelming. So I could have a smallish one at the end of her driveway. Maybe I'll just plant tomatoes and beans, a few strawberries, some lettuce and cucumbers and maybe a few onions. That would be enough to start. Oh and red and green bell peppers, gotta have those. I will try organic gardening on my own. That's what I've done with my tomatoes here, even though last year it was such a pain in the ass picking off the tomato worms.

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