Monday, April 02, 2007

Another link and shopping bags

Here's another link today, which I will also add to the side bar:

I also had an idea. I have made a couple of shopping bags for myself, one is hemp, and the other is organic cotton. I'm thinking of selling them to raise money for an organization that uses the money to spread the word about peak oil and or climate change. I don't know which one yet, I have to do some investigating first. The Climate Crisis Coalition may be the one, although I asked both Carla and Melissa for advice. Actually, Gregory having a job as a community liason for one of the (I think) representatives for NY, might be able to make sure that which ever organization(s) I am looking at are on the up and up. So Melissa, when you read this blog and talk to Gregory ask him if he would do that, or if he knows of anyone who is doing a really good job to educate he public.

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