Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Landscape Quilting

I had a tour bag I was working on that I was going to finish up today, but I screwed the buttonholes for the casing up so I put it off to the side. I will have to remake the patchwork band for the casing and I don't have time before work, so I'll do it in the morning.

I was listening to a song by a Newfoundlander called Salt Water Joys, and as often happens, one line from the song just kind of stuck as inspiration for something else. The line is "The ocean smells are perfume to my soul". It conjures up so much for me. I thought of what I could do with those images and feelings as far as a mat goes, but last year I ran across an article in QNM about a quiltmaker from St. Johns who does these absolutely wonderful landscape quilts. She has the ability to create the imagery down so perfectly. Her name is Karen Colbourne Martin, and a search for her on the internet brought me nothing, as did a search for Nfld. quiltmakers. Anyway, I took pictures of the pics from the magazine and that's what I'm showing here. Her work is fantastic and shows outport life in such detail. They look like pictures, not like quilts.I do not for a second believe I can do anything anywhere close to this, I am thinking maybe something on a much smaller scale. The article says that she projects pictures onto muslin and draws a full size design, and then makes her patterns from that. I am going to take a look at some of the photos I have and see what might work. I bought a book about landscape quilting quite awhile ago, I'll dig that out too.

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VickyTH said...

Hey Paula,
Karen also sometimes goes by Karen Martin. Some more info on her:

The second link has a fair selection of her work. Clicking on the titles will give a larger image.

Glad you like my blog!