Sunday, April 29, 2007

This and That

I found directions online how to assemble a Kromski Mazurka spinning wheel, it shows how to attach the treadle to the footman. I'm not going to try and use it til I get it oiled, though. Everything I've read says that wheels need to be oiled fairly often, and I'm sure this one hasn't been oiled in years.
I am going to try and dye some more of the blue fabric to be a border for the landscape piece. I had a bit left, but I don't think it's enough. It should be pretty easy to recreate, I used 1/4 tsp. of dye in 1 c. of water. I fused the flowers down yesterday morning; I'd like to get it finished today and tomorrow. I have some boxes of stuff that can go to Irene's today, and I'm going to make John bring them over there. I think Chris is painting today, but if he's done in time, maybe we can go fishing. When I came home from Joan's yesterday there was a bucket of minnows, John stopped for them on the way home. It's nice to have the little fridge downstairs now, we can use it for bait. There will be a lot of little things I miss about this place; mostly the closeness of the stores and the wetlands right behind here. I'll still come over sometimes, especially for the raspberries and the dyeing materials. I still believe it's the best thing though. It will be good for Irene to have us over there, and it will be good for us, too. I'd like to think we can save a bit by being there, although as I told John, we can pay most of the bills, his mom can buy her food and pay a bit of her mortgage and maybe if she calls Mary or Linda; but we can pay the bulk.

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