Friday, April 27, 2007


Well, everything started out pretty good. I found a print that was in the fabric I got from Bonnie last year that had bands of grass interspersed with other landscape elements. They were only about half as wide as I needed, but I just overlapped 2 bands that I cut from the fabric. There were also some stones in the same fabric and I put bits of them at the bottom of the quilt. I had some really nice pink daisy print fabric and some tiny narcissus on another piece (again, both from Bonnie), which also looked nice. The flowers were too big in the piece I was originally thinking of. I had a green batik to use for some grass and flower stems, and I cut the stems on the bias so I could bend them when I put them down. I got everything arranged and glued in place, and started sewing. When I got to my first flower, it frayed. I didn't use fusible because in the book they recommend not to, although I know I've heard of fusing the elements down. I wish I had now. The only Wonder Under I have is heavy duty, I'll get some regular tomorrow. At least I don't have a lot to take off, only the flowers. I'll just cut out new ones and fuse them on.

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Melissa said...

Mom, that's beautiful! That's too bad about the fraying, though.