Monday, April 09, 2007

Bad Shopping

I just read this excellent article on how bad shopping is for the planet in a UK newspaper.,,2052490,00.html The article points out that if we continue to consume at the rate we do now, by the end of this century we will have a planet that is totally inhabitable. It doesn't mention the buying used option, which is the one I am trying to stick to as much as possible. It does mention the waste of food that happens all the time, and although John and I have gotten better at that over the years, I still throw out more than I should. If I shopped for what I need one day at a time, I wonder how much I would cut down on waste. Obviously somethings I couldn't do that with, such as a box of cereal, but with meat and fruits and veggies, and some dairy I could. The article says that in Britain people throw out thier weight in garbage every 7 weeks, how much higher is that figure here? It also gives some really good resources on the net to help break the buying as recreation habits that we have. All in all an excellent article.

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