Saturday, January 17, 2015

Could Have Done Better

Well I sincerely thought I would meet last weeks goals , but I actually didn't get much done at all. While I managed to get a lot more of scrap-a-palooza finished, and I got most of the sewing table cleaned up, I only got two rice packs done, and I did not finish hand quilting the patchwork pillow, although I'd have to say I'm about 80% done. I did, however, get some string blocks made for a rainbow string quilt, and I got a pillow for the back of the rocking chair almost done. I'll finish it tonight and tomorrow post pictures of it. In my defense, my arthritis has been pretty bad the last few days.
Anyway, goals for the coming week are:
1. rice packs, at least 4
2. continue working on scrap-a-palooza
3. get another half dozen string blocks done
4. finish the little hand quilted pillow
5. make something involving the pile of valentines fabric currently on the love seat.

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