Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some Lovely Fabrics

I had a bit of Christmas money and I just couldn't resist buying this fabric. It's from the Low Tide Collection by Andover and I really like it. There are a couple of other prints in the collection I might buy later. I bought half yards, and for now they will sit in my stash while I try and figure out what I should do with them.

I also bought these two prints. I couldn't resist the bunnies, and both of these fabrics can go into the low volume fabrics I'm starting to amass. In looking at my stash, I realize I don't have a lot of low volume fabrics. I'm also short on oranges and purples. I just don't buy orange much, and I guess I don't buy purples either. From now on when I add to the stash I'm going to try and pick at least one fabric that will fall into one of those categories. I also am running low on white on white prints, but that's because I use them all the time.

I sorted through some stuff yesterday and got rid of some fabrics I will never use. I'm going to try and work through or give away some of the fabrics I just don't like anymore. I'm lucky to have moved into a house that has so much storage space, but we won't be here forever, maybe just another year and there's no guarantee that there will be an attic and garage in the future. Actually, I would trade some of the storage space for a dedicated sewing room. This sewing on the dining room table is just a pain.

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