Saturday, January 03, 2015

Goals and What Are You Listening To?

So I've been thinking that maybe on the weekend it might help if I set some goals for the upcoming week. I have an Etsy store but I haven't put anything in it in a long time. I took out some stuff I sold over the Christmas season, so there's not much in there. I'd like to add to it, and I'd like to have enough stuff made to do some craft shows with my daughter in the spring. I think maybe I'll really concentrate on that. So for this coming week I'd like to:
    1. Finish the Misty Mountain Hop yarn that's been on my wheel since before Thanksgiving. I'm  2/3rd's of the way finished, and a couple of afternoons would get it finished, plied and washed.

    2. Make half a dozen rice packs for the Etsy store. Again, a morning or two and that should be accomplished.

    3. Get scrap-a-palooza ready for tieing. It's not going to be quilted, at least not now.

    4. Make a small mat for the top of the crafting bookcase. That's my practice piece for better quilting this week.

Wow, that looks like quite a bit, but with no one home during the day but me, and having such a teeny house with so little work to keep it clean, I think I should be able to get most, if not all, of this done.

On another subject, I got new music this week! I love getting new music! I texted my son yesterday after plunking my money down (so to speak)  on Amazon and told him that I loved getting new music so much that probably the only thing I love better are some actual people. And sometimes I would rather stay home listening to new music rather than hanging out with those people. He just laughed, being a musician he understood the pleasure I get. Anyway, new to me in my media player are: The Decemberists: Make You Better and The Calamity Song; Cage The Elephant: Shake Me Down; Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know: and last T Rex: Jeepster an oldie but incredibly goodie that I can't believe I didn't already have.
So what is anyone else out there listening to? I'd love to know what music gets you inspired!


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