Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Embroidery and Scraps

Seems the embroidery bug has bitten me pretty hard lately. In addition to the red rose Valentines Day pillow, I also finished this one:

I did the hearts in stem (or outline) stitch, and then did the sections of red ribbon in backstitch. I didn't particularly like the backstitch once I had about half of it done, but I didn't want to take it out and do something else so I just left it. 

I did this cute little butterfly for a zipper pouch. I pieced the back and front from pink scraps using quilt as you go, and then went back and quilted in the ditch because I like the way it looks. I haven't got a matching zipper, so this will be put on the side til I get one. I think I'm going to order some on Etsy, it's so much cheaper than buying them at Jo Ann.

Here's a close up of the butterfly:

His little body is a bit crooked, but I don't think he cares!  I'm also thinking of doing a flower of the month embroidered quilt from Martha's Q is for Quilter blog. If I embroidered a block every month, I could get it done and quilted in time for next Christmas. I'll have to play catch up for January's block, but that would be ok. 

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