Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Spinning WIP an Oversized Coaster and a Finished Runner.

I woke up this morning and started working on this spinning project that I started in the beginning of November. I should have had it done by the end of November, it's only 4 oz. of roving, but once I started it I wasn't really excited about the colors. I dyed it in the crockpot and there's so little control over what actually happens in there once the dyes are squirted on. The colors are going to mix how they are going to mix, and there's not a lot that can be done, especially underneath where you can't see. I actually dyed it in the early summer, and it looked like this:

I'm more than 2/3rd's of the way done with the spinning, and a single ply looks like this once it's spun:

My plan was to make a 3 ply which I have tentatively named Misty Mountain Hop. I have 2 bobbins spun already so really there's not that much to go. I'm going to keep going and if I decide I don't like the finished yarn I'll see if I can find it a good home. With so many knitters among friends and family that shouldn't be too hard! 
I also made this little oversized coaster for my husbands computer desk. He puts his coffee cup on a piece of folded up paper that he taped to the desk and it's just dirty and nasty. I sewed this together late yesterday afternoon and then hand quilted it after dinner while I was watching tv. I'll put the borders on and get it on his desk before he comes home from work today.

Then there is this little finished runner for the top of the bookcase that I keep my craft books in. It's a narrow little bookcase, the top measured 8"x 25", so I made the runner just a bit smaller. The drop spindle vase was made by my very talented daughter who is a potter.

I managed to get 4 rice packs done too, but no pictures of those yet. I hope to get a couple more done before Saturday.


Jennie in GA said...

Lucky husband....what a nice surprise. The quilting on your runner looks great. Spinning.....ah, wish you were here. I have a wheel, but am a beginner who hasn't spun in a year. I am getting together with a friend next week to try to get started again. Your hand dyed yarn is going to be very pretty I would bet!

Paula said...

Jennie, spinning is not that hard, it's just lots of practice. I'm self taught, there are tons of great youtube videos, that's how I learned.

Quiltsmiles said...

I'm enjoying my vivsit on your blog. You are a very crafty lady with many talents and I appreciate your projects. All beautiful.