Saturday, January 10, 2015

Laid Back Saturday

Not much going on today, it's really cold still, just a great day to stay inside and work on projects. I have a small pillow top I'm hand quilting, plus I'm working on scrap-a-palooza. I got almost a quarter of it tied in the past week and I think I'm going to put in a marathon session this afternoon while I rewatch Sherlock. This is the little pillow:

I also may start spinning this roving I picked up at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. It's  a lot greener than it looks in the picture:

I will spin it on my Schacht hi-low spindle. It's my favorite for spinning lighter weight yarns. This is BFL roving, and I've earmarked it for sock yarn.

I did a pretty good job of meeting my goals for the last week. I got the Misty Mountain Hop yarn finished, the small bookcase runner made, got a good start on scrap-a-palooza, and got these 4 rice packs finished. I know I was going for 6, so I fell a bit short. I also made John a large hand quilted coaster for his desk.

Goals for the coming week are:
1. Continue to work on scrap-a-palooza. I want to get that done and on the bed
2. Finish hand quilting the little patchwork pillow.
3.Make another half dozen rice packs. Siobhan and I are talking about some spring craft shows, and while I have a nice supply of knitted/crocheted items, they won't sell well when the warm weather comes! I need some other things, and the rice packs are popular and pretty inexpensive to make.
4. Clean my sewing table off. It hasn't been cleaned right down to the wood since Thanksgiving, and I need to get that done and organized.

Not too crazy of a list, I think I should get it all done by next Saturday!

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