Saturday, January 24, 2015

Feeling Pretty Good

Well, I did a good job of meeting goals this last week. I'm almost finished with scrap-a-palooza, I should finish that up by Friday. I also finished the rice packs up, got some string blocks finished, and managed to use up some Valentines Day fabric. I really love the little rose embroidered pillow, I blogged about it here. I also started embroidering another vintage Valentines Day motif yesterday that I found on Q is For Quilter. This blog is just amazing, Martha has posted so many vintage embroidery and quilt patterns. Here's my embroidery so far, and the fabric I am planning on using with it. The embroidered ribbons will be red. I'm not sure if it will be a pillow or something else yet.

Oh, I finished the hand quilted pillow top too, this week I'll get a back on it and post a picture of it, too.
Now for the upcoming week: 
Finish scrap-a-palooza. That's the biggest goal.
Pick out fabrics for a half dozen zipper pouches and get them quilted. I won't assemble the pouches til later, I'll need to go to Jo Ann for zippers.
Start a machine quilted sampler. I need the practice!
Finish the pink Valentines embroidery

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