Tuesday, September 19, 2006

aaaaaaah math!

I have been working on an afghan with no pattern, and I must confess, math is getting the better of me. I'm using chunky weight yarn and I believe size thirteen needles, and 150 sts is 69 inches. However I am having some problems, and after just asking eric, I fear even more that this will never be done. Please refer to my picture (i made it in paint!)

*Note! The border originally started as a scarf, but I decided it would be better as an afghan. I started with chunky weight, but I used one that was discontinued! I can't find another chunky, white acrylic that's cheap anywhere! I even called Kmart!!! So I have to use a super chunky, which totally throws a wrench in the works.

Let me explain figure 1(a)
The A represents the long side, which was one hundred and fifty sitches long and six inches wide. B represents the short side. C represents the short side as well, however D is the short side that I will be using the super chunky weight on. What I had originally done was 150/69 = x/56 (six inches wide two times, subtracted from 69 is 53), and I got 115. This is for the chunky. The super will just be a big white square in the middle. 20 sts = 8.5 inches. So again, I used proportions and I would need to cast on 125 sts. Well this obviously isn't right, since not only is it bigger than side C in sts, since it's super bulky it's got that going on too! Please help me!!!!!

I will post pictures of my baby hats soon.


Siobhan said...

Correction! I said six inches wide, I meant eight. 69 - 16, not 12 = 53 :)

Siobhan said...

Ok, chris believes he's figured it out. A = 150, B = 115 and D = 101. Does that make sense to you guys? Thanks