Monday, September 11, 2006

Still Working on the Chair Pads

It's a good thing I don't depend on my E-bay income to eat, because in spite of all my good intentions I haven't been able to tear myself away from working on the chair pad. I've got a lot done, and I'm pretty satisfied with it except I may make a more well defined line where the back yard stops and the rest of the hill begins. I've changed wool colors, but it's so similar to what I was using that it looks a lot the same. On the other hand, the house is built going up that hill. When I stand on the porch of the real house and look straight out I am looking down hill, and that hill doesn't stop even at the road. It goes down quite a bit further to the main road. Anyway I sent the pictures to Melissa and am waiting for her advice.
I have had a stiff neck for almost a week now. I think it's my pillow, and that I've been spending most of the night on my back because my hip hurts if I don't. I bought a Memory Foam pillow yesterday, but I think they have them at Costco, so I am going to look. If they do I'll bring the other one back. I burned a disc of Capercaillie and brought it with over to mom's yesterday. Carla really liked it, I thought she might, so I gave it to her. They have lately taken over as my current favorite Celtic band. I still like Great Big Sea, but Capercaillie are really good. They are excellent at blending the traditional with more modern sounds, and they are also great at straight traditional music. I don't know if they've played here in the US, although they tour all over Europe.
It is very rainy here today and so cool that it feels like fall. If the rain stops I am going to take a walk before work. Fall is my favorite season; I think it's the most beautiful, and full of inspiration. Plus it also gets me thinking of being snug in the house with baking bread and beef stew and quilting. And Christmas with every one here. I used to like spring the best, but not anymore.I think every season has something to offer, as far as being inspirational in it's own way; it's just that fall conjures up really nice things for me.

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Melissa said...

Fall is my favorite too. It smells the best of all the seasons. One of my favorite scents is wet leaves on the ground in the Fall. Planning for and anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas make it nice too. I can't wait to come visit in a couple months!