Sunday, September 03, 2006

Behind the House

I took pictures yesterday of the field and woods behind the house where we have been gathering our plants. We really are lucky to have a place like this so close to us; it's hard to believe it's right smack dab in the middle of suburbia. Siobhan took some nice pictures of a paper wasp nest we saw the other day when we were back there. This time we were coming out from between some trees to the road and I saw what I swear was a coyote. I don't think it was a dog, Sio saw it too, but it took off into the trees so fast we never got a picture. Some of the area is protected wetlands, but some of it is not, I think as long as the wetlands are there it makes it hard to develop any of the other land back there. I guess they could come in off of 22nd, although there isn't really that much room, there are already 2 complexes and some businesses. Anyway, I'm just glad it's back there.
I also have pictures of some of the dyeing results which are mostly shades of brown so far. I used the sumac with an alum mordant and got a brown that had more of a rust overtone. The purple/black berries gave me a brown with green streaks in it which you really can't see in the pictures.I am going to try the goldenrod with alum today, and also the Queen Anne's Lace.

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