Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crikey, we'll miss you

I watched the memorial for Steve Irwin last night. I've been a Croc Hunter fan for a long time, I never got tired of watching him wrestle big crocs or picking up poisonous snakes. The kids had bought me a video, and one year I got a Crocodile Hunter t-shirt for Christmas. I've spent some of the morning reading through articles, and I have to say that while he may have at times appeared to be a lunatic, or that he was taking chances that maybe most people would consider crazy; it was exactly that crazy, larger than life personality that really reached out to people and made them understand that conservation and protection of animals is so very important. I've read the criticism as well as the praise, and I believe that it will be a long time (if ever) that we see someone as willing to show the enthusiasm and genuineness and dedication to the cause of conservation that he had. They say that touching others is the way to really change and educate and make a difference; and that's what Steve did; in his crazy, larger than life way he touched millions. I guess, along with those millions, all I can say is goodbye, Steve. You may be gone but some part of you will always be here, exciting and encouraging people to be involved and care about wildlife.

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