Friday, September 22, 2006

Stained Glass Rug

I've been busy the last couple of days. with work and other things. I did, however, get a nice bit done on the stained glass rug I started. I'm a little bit further along than the picture, I did a bit more last night. I also ordered Maryanne Lincoln's Comprehensive Dyeing Guide, which came yesterday. I looked it over last night, and I am very excited to start trying some of the formulas. One nice thing about the stained glass rug is that I can play around with a lot of different dye formulas and the resulting pieces of wool can be used. Siobhan and I also gathered a nice bunch of rose hips that I am going to do a natural dye run with, so I have a fun day ahead of me. I have some sewing to do this morning, but then I can play with colors all afternoon. Pat at work said she wouldn't have time for that, but as I pointed out to her, dyeing is a pretty long process, and you don't just stand over the dye pot. I wash dishes and do laundry while I am dyeing, and I can clean the kitchen, or even be on the patio. Actually the only things I can't do while I'm dyeing is sew, since the sewing room is upstairs and I don't want to leave the stove on when I'm not near it; and cook, since I don't want to accidentally poison my family. And they are all used to the fact that generally speaking, a pot on the stove doesn't mean food, anyway.

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