Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conventional dye runs

I spent the late afternoon and early evening dyeing greens for the next chair pad. I already have some greys I can use, and a dark hunter green, but I needed some more earthy colors. I realized that the bathroom looks much better when there are 15 or so 22 inch by 3 inch wool swatches hanging all over to dry! I did a 3 jar graduated color dye run, a 5 piece coat hanger dip dye set, 5 random pieces were just thrown in the pot for an immersion dye bath, and the last 2 were casserole dyed by sprinkling a mix of salt and dyes onto the wet wool in the pan and then covered and baked at 150 degrees for about an hour. I now have plenty of wool for grass, hills and the tree foilage. I've never hooked a tree before so I hope this one turns out ok. Now that I have the design all drawn out I am anxious to start. I guess I am going to do the house in white after all, it will stand out better. I can use the reddish brown I got from the sumac for the tree trunk.
I have to work open to close tomorrow, so there won't be much done. I'll get up a bit early and hook for awhile. I made and listed a pillow on E-bay this morning, and I planned out the applique for the corduroy overalls. I can make those Friday and list them while I'm off. I work all day Saturday and Carla is coming over on Sunday to visit.

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