Monday, September 25, 2006

Computer Problems

We had a big storm come through on Friday night and knock out our internet and cable tv. My computer is still not online so I am using John's today. It's pretty astounding how much I miss it when I think that less than 10 years ago we didn't have a computer, let alone one for each family member, and I never really thought we would have one. Now it's one of the things I miss the most when it's gone. I actually think I would do without some major appliance, like maybe the fridge, than be without the computer. I could buy cold things on a daily basis and just put them in a cooler. I know it's crazy, but there it is. I love my computer and the internet, and I will be so happy when mine is back online so I can just scoot from sewing machine to computer without having to leave the room.
Anyway, I worked all day Saturday, and Sunday was Siobhan's birthday, but I did get some fleece scarves made for the craft show, and I already have 4 sold. I will post pics later when I am online again. The overalls are sold on e-bay, too, and they still have almost 3 days to go, so I hope they go higher. They are at $28, but 3 people have them on thier watch list. I also did a couple of dye runs with reds and oranges using my new dye book. I ordered some dyeing spoons that have a 1/32 tsp. measure, which I really need. I also need a 1/128. And I got a bit more of the broken glass rug done. I'm sewing scarves today, and hooking a bit in odd moments. The odd moments really add up, before I know it I have another section done. I have the next rug kind of in the planning stages, too. I'm thinking something classic, like maybe some center floral with scrolls in the corners. I'm looking forward to dip dyeing for scrolls, it will be a fun experience. My new mesauring spoons will be here by then and I can keep more acurate dye records too.

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