Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Huge haul!

As we all know, sunday was my birthday! I had an excellent day with my boyfriend, and he suprised me with a yarn shopping spree. We went to hobby lobby (their yarn bee line is really very nice yarn for very cheap) to get more bang for the buck, and it was a good thing too! The woman at the registar thought that all the yarn was half off. So instead of thirty six it was only eighteen :D My aunt carla gave me some money on the condition that I did something nice with it for myself. So, of course, more yarn! We got these beautiful shell and wood shawl pins in at hancock in four colors, so I got some. I acutally put all of them except four on hold ;) They're only two dollars a piece! I also had to get a little yarn to go with it. I started a beautiful shawl with a mohair/wool/acrylic boucle that was on sale for three dollars a ball. I may post pictures later of my huge haul! if i can find chris' camera. I'll also be throwing and rewriting my resume today.

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