Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rug hooking marathon

I spent most of yesterday morning hooking the 3rd chair pad, and got quite a bit done. The fence isn't coming out all that well, but it will probably be ok once I get the surrounding area hooked. I also came up with an idea for a mat after the chairpads are finished. The last verse of Capercaillie's song Beautiful Wasteland conjures up some imagery for me that I think would translate very well into a mat; I see hills and the ocean under a night sky with lots of stars. I'd like to hook a simple figure sitting on the hill, but I'm not sure if I can. Carla is coming over tomorrow and I'll see if I can get her to just roughly sketch the figure for me.
I did some crockpot dyeing and the wool came out very nice. It's pretty blotchy, which I like. I generally find that blotchiness adds depth and texture which makes the mat more interesting.

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